Yala National Park – Sri Lanka

Yala park is found within the south jap region of country and extends over 2 provinces of Hambantota district of southern province and Monaragala district in Uva province. the doorway to the park is at Palatupana, 12km from Kirinda. the gap from capital of Sri Lanka to the entry purpose of Palatupana is 305 kilometer.The entryway to Yala park is Tissamaharama. A twenty kilometer drive via Kirinda takes the guests to the Palatupana. At Palatupana, the well-designed traveller center provides the knowledge to the tourists and assign a hunter to any or all incoming vehicles. The park provides jeeps with soft–tops which provides the opportunitiy to look at wild life. Dawn and gloaming originate the simplest temporal arrangement for hunting expedition tours within the Yala park . Being settled in one among the arid regions of country, the Climate of Ruhuna park is sometimes hot and dry. The mean annual temperature is twenty seven Celsius, though within the time of year the temperature might go as high as thirty seven Celsius.
Yala park that consists of 5 blocks is that the most visited and second largest park in land. tho’ Yala spreads over a district of 1260 sq. kilometers, only 1 fifth of the world is hospitable the guests. Four-fifths of the park could be a strictly selected Natural Reserve. abutting the jap border of the park is Kumana.

The rocky outcrops scattered over the park provides vantage points to relish the sprawling areas with Sri Lanka’s dry zone landscape: low scrub and woods. Stillmore, the southern border of the park being the south-eastern coast, the salt lagoons and dunes enhances the distinctive charm of the Yala park.

Wildlife at Yala park

Of all the National Parks in land, Yala park provides the most effective chance to witness Sri Lanka’s broad form of wildlife: colourful painted wader in troops square measure seen alert at the shores of lagune wherever the crocodiles too have chosen to doze off; beautiful fantailed peacocks in their resplendent blues and greens parade concerning amidst the woods wherever monkeys droop, leap and chatter; within the bush jungle square measure the Elephants; crossing the tracks and wandering off into the thorny scrub jungle is that the star attraction of the park: the leopard.

A total of thirty two species of mammals are recorded. The vulnerable species embody Melursus ursinus (Melursus ursinus), Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya), elephant (Elephas maximus), buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), Sus scrofa (Sus scrofa), noticed ruminant (Axis axis ceylonessis), sambur (Cervus unicolor) and golden Canis aureus (Canis aureus).

Leopards at Yala park

Sri Lankan leopards (Panthera Pardus Kotiya) square measure same to be a definite sub-species from their Indian neighbors. Leopards are often seen throughout the park, tho’ best amount for enjoying the sights of leopards is throughout Gregorian calendar month to July.

Yala National Park’s Block one, on the western aspect of the park, the sole one amongst all 5 blocks hospitable the guests, has recorded the very best density of leopards among the leopard populations scattered within the life parks of land. These glorious beasts have currently abundant habituated to the encroachment of their domains by the humans in jeeps. Young males don’t betray any sign of disturbance; they appear assured roaming over the gravel roads tracks additionally because the bush jungle throughout the day: the guests relish to no ends, fine photographic opportunities to capture the glorious beasts well targeted at the shut vary.

Elephants at Yala park

Nearby Lunugamvehera park is a passageway between Yala and foreign terrorist organization Walwe park. Yala is home to tidy population of elephants that varies seasonally. time of year of might to August is that the best amount to envision elephants.

Birdlife at Yala park

Yala park is made in birdlife and around a hundred thirty species are recorded.Raptors embody crested serpent eagle and white bellied ocean eagle. Among the water birds drawn to the lagoons square measure Lesser wader, Pelicon, Spoonbill, painted wader, rare black decollete wader, grey heron, purple heron, night raven and Darter.

During the north-east monsoon the lagoons square measure visited by thousands of migrating water bird, together with pin-tailed duck, Garganey, Eurasian limicoline bird, Whimbrel and switch stone, that combine with the residents like whistling duck, Yellow Wattled green plover, Red Wattled Lapwig and nice Stone limicoline bird.The forest is home to Orange bosomed inexperienced columbiform bird, Hornbills, Flycatchers, together with Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Barbets and Orioles.

Reptiles at Yala park

Notable reptiles square measure robber crocodilian, that is voluminous within the abandoned tanks, water crocodilian, found within the main rivers, and customary monitor. different reptiles embody elapid and Russel’s serpent. a spread of turtle, Lepidochelys olivacea and Dermochelys coriacea, of that Yala coast line could be a major nesting ground.

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