Udawalawe National Park – Sri Lanka

The park is settled simply south of the Central Highlands, of that escarpment brings concerning Associate in Nursing enrapturing backcloth. At the middle of the park lies the Udawalawe Reservoir. Udawalawe parkland established within the year 1972, with the target of protective the geographic area of Udawalawe reservoir,which provides water for agriculture and hydro-power generation spreads over a section thirty,821, resembles Associate in Nursing African game park: it’s principally thorny-shrub jungle with grasslands.
Wildlife at Udawalawe parkland
Keeping company to the herds of elephants, the most attraction of the park ar the Old World buffalo, Wildboar, noticed ruminant, deer ruminant, Jackal, Samber, Black-naped hare, mongooses, bandicoots, foxes, s the endemic Toque catarrhine and grey Langers. observance a Leopard and different smaller cats like Fishing cat would be a bonus.

Elephants at Udawalawe parkland

Udawalawe is beyond any doubt the simplest place in land to examine wild Asian Elephants throughout the year: there ar concerning five hundred elephants within the park and that they usually roll in herds of up to a hundred. Udawalawe parkland is exclusive in terms of consistency in numbers of elephants roaming the park: it’s no a seasonal variation in herds of elephants. the simplest hours to go to the park ar within the mornings and evenings. Late evening conjointly affords the photographic opportunities within the backcloth of loveliest sunsets.

Birdlife at Udawalawe parkland

Udawalawe parkland is one amongst the simplest places to examine Raptors in land and afford glorious opportunities for photography. Endemic birds embody the Sri Lankan junglefowl, land spurfowl, land inexperienced columbiform bird, land gray coraciiform bird, {sri lanka|Sri Lanka|Democratic Socialist Republic of land|Ceylon|country|state|land} woodshrike and Sri Lanka swallow. Among the opposite bird species seen ar Spot-billed pelecaniform seabird, very little Phalacrocorax carbo, Grey heron, Indian pool heron, Bubulcus ibis, nice heron, egret, Intermediate heron, Painted wading bird, Woolly-necked wading bird, Yellow-wattled pewit, inexperienced bee-eater, Crested treeswift. In wooded aras Sirkeer and Blue-faced malkoha are found.

During the migrant season of birds (Nov to March): shod eagle, Common kestrel, Harris’s hawk, Rosy oscine, Black-capped coraciiform bird, Wood shorebird, Common shorebird, very little ringed limicoline bird, bewhiskered larid, Western yellow oscine bird, Forest oscine bird oscine bird.

Butterflies at Udawalawe parkland

Satin trees within the park attract butterflies: lovely Papilio crino, Delias eucharis, Euploea core and lots of species of ‘Yellows and Whites’ Papilio polytes. within the riverine forest aras Graphium Sarpedon are seen.

Reptiles at Udawalawe parkland

While the crocodiles go to sleep on the banks of the reservoir, the water monitor lizards ar pullulate with the park.

Elephant Transit Home at Udawalawe parkland

The Udawalawe Elephant Transfer house is Associate in Nursing Elephant orphanage set inside the Udawalawe parkland. Established in 1995 by the Department of life Conservation, it’s home to over forty unparented elephants. The unparented calves and juveniles of the park ar brought into the orphanage and raised with necessary care till such time as they may be free to their environment. Once they’re free to the park, the Park authorities take upon themselves to stay constant track of the beasts until they get accustomed the new life within the wild. As at the year 2008, no but cardinal elephants had been free to the jungle

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