Moragalla Beach (Coral reef & shallow water for swimming) – Sri Lanka

Moragalla maybe a beach that’s just a couple of kilometres south of the tourist domain of Beruwala. This wide stretch of sandy haven adjoins the estuary of the Bentota River, otherwise referred to as the Bentara River.

While the beach of Moragalla isn’t anything special, just a pleasant long stretch of straw sands and fairly clear blue water; except for some reason this slightly lesser-known place does have a kind of tranquillity thereto. The ocean around the Moragalla is sorting of shallow thanks to the underwater reef the lies shortly from the coastline. Intrinsically it’s perfect for pursuits like snorkelling, windsurfing, diving, etc.

The Bentara River on the southern end of the beach is additionally an area to be explored intimately. Lined with over 20 sorts of mangrove trees and several other islands floating midstream, the river is a stimulating avenue for boat trips.

As one nears the southern end of the strip of Moragalla beach, a land formation that appears to be an island starts becoming visible. However, the reality is that this no island; but the hooked end of Bentota beach that forms a panhandle. This land formation is often reached quite quickly by rowing across employing a boat; or by travelling the great distance around along the coastline. On reaching this section of land, a flight of crude stairs built into a rocky mound becomes visible. Climbing these stairs through the dense jungle-like greenery results in a touch temple where a touch yoga ashram is found. Following a touch footpath past the shrine results in the sting of a cliff with an excellent view. This place is sweet for watching the gorgeous sunsets of the tropics.

Moragalla is increasingly becoming commercialized lately. As such, it’s the responsibility of all visitors to stay the beach clean and delightful.,79.9801254,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3ae22e5d165433bf:0x8758469f9f34933f!8m2!3d6.4459293!4d79.9848342