Minneriya National Park – Minneriya, Sri Lanka.

Minneriya park is found 182 kilometres far away from national capital within the North Central Plains of state. The foremost town nighest to Minneriya Park is Polonnaruwa.

The restored immense ancient Minneriya rain Reservoir that irrigates the significant space of the district of Polonnaruwa is that the concentrate of the Minneriya park.

Being a part of the elephant passageway that joins up with Kaudulla and Wasgomuwa parks, Minneriya park provides the chance to envision herds of Elephants throughout the year. May to October is that the best amount to go to Minneriya park visible of the notable Gathering of the wild elephants.

It is the biggest acknowledged installation of Asian Elephants within the world. throughout this era herds up to three hundred elephants square measure seen at the eight,890 area unit park among many sq. kilometres of the Minneriya Reservoir. In August and September annually throughout the time of year, wild elephants from the encompassing geographical area in search of food and water makes their thanks to the shores of the Minneriya Reservoir contiguous the Minneriya park. an immense herd of elephants, generally enumeration up to three hundred, converge along among many sq. kilometres of the lake.


The vegetation of the park consists of tropical dry mixed evergreen forests, abandoned chena lands, grasslands and wetlands. The open grasslands and previous chena lands square measure dominated by the various species of a tiny woody plant.

The abandoned chenas square measure dominated by kukuruman (Randia dumetorum), keppettia (Croton sp.) wara (Calotropis Gigantea) and grasses i.e. katu-una (Bambusa bambos), wali indi (Phonenix zeylanica), illuk (Imerata Cylindirca) and pohon (Panicum Maximum).

The flora is dominated by Microcystis and Melosira.Among the big trees square measure palu (Manilkara Hexandra), textile (Chloroxylon Swietenia), milla (Vitex Altissima), Kalumediriya (Diospyros Quaesita), halmilla (Berrya Cordifolia), weera (Drypets Sepiaria).


Among the twenty-four species of mammals resident within the park square measure Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bear, noticed ruminant, Cervus unicolour ruminant, Wild Buffalo, Wild Pig, Grey Langers, Purple-faced Leaf Monkey, 3 species of viverrine, hedgehog and Indian eutherian mammal.


Minneriya Park has recorded over one hundred seventy species of birds. From Migrating waders like Woods and Piper, Common shorebird & Kentish Plovers to forest birds like Malabar-pied Hornbills, Rufus piciform bird the globally vulnerable Lesser Adjutant and therefore the endemics state grey Hornbill, state inexperienced columbiform bird, Brown-capped Babbler and state gallinaceous bird square measure a number of the highlights.

Amphibians & Reptiles

Among the 9 species of Amphibians at Minneriya park square measure the endemic and vulnerable Slender Wood Frog and therefore the Common Tree Frog. Of the twenty-five species of reptiles recorded within the park eight square measure endemic together with the Red-lipped Lizard. Water and Land Monitors are seen here. The robber crocodilian may be seen close to the tank. several species of H2O fish square measure found within the Minneriya reservoir.

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