Lipton’s Seat (Sir Thomas Lipton Viewpoint) – Haputale, Sri Lanka

Lipton’s Seat may be a high observation purpose within the hills of Poonagala. settled on the highest of the town’s someone, Poonagala Hill, it’s additionally close to the Dambatenne Tea mill. Lipton’s Seat is therefore named as a result of the illustrious Scottish baron and tea planter Sir Thomas Lipton used it because the seat to survey his empire during a time long gone however not forgotten.

The Climb

The point of Lipton’s Seat is reached by ascension for around 7km enclosed by peaceful tea plantations Associate in Nursingd an occasional colourful tea plucker. There area unit 2 routes available; one from the Nayabedda estate in Bandarawela, and also the second through the Dambatenna estate in Haputale. each route has entrances marked with signboards and slender sealed roads. Some components of the road even have a number of the initial stone constructions from the British era of Ceylon, and thus area unit value seeing from a historical purpose of reading. The climb takes regarding 2 and 0.5 hours on the average, once a traveller reaches hill high.

From Lipton’s Seat the Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and jap provinces displayed from before the feet of the viewer during a show rivalling that of the illustrious World’s finish observation purpose. Visible from hill high area unit seven provinces in conjunction with sights like Handapanagala Lake, Chandrika Lake, Udawalawe Lake, Wedihitikanda Mountains, and even the Hambanthota harbour from the Southern coast.

The View

For people who want for even additional gorgeous read or photographers desire to snap an image of nature at its best, Lipton’s Seat is best visited early within the morning before sunrise. The amendment of colours because the sun shows its face because the thick mist flees the warmth revealing the carpet of greens and browns displayed below, maybe a spectacular sight. there’s additionally a really smart probability to ascertain basket bearing tea pluckers creating their thanks to work. However, for those guests United Nations agency realizes it arduous to wake early, creating the crown before ten am ought to be sufficient to urge a fairly clear read.

Visiting Liptons Seat is free for all, in distinction with World’s finish which needs a payment. additionally there area unit a couple of different attractions on the method as well as Catherine’s Seat and Lemathota body of water. Catherine’s Seat is within the Nayabedda estate and provides a superb read of Bandarawela, Diyatalawa and also the Uva depression all the thanks to the Namunukula chain of mountains. Lemathota body of water is on the Dambatenna route, although it’s not precisely a serious attraction.

The expertise

All in all, Lipton’s Seat may be a budget-friendly place to relax with a picnic or build some photographic recollections. On the opposite hand, detain mind that the weather within the Hill Country is susceptible to amendment and take some heat textile

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