Kallebokka Upper Division 360 Viewpoint – Kallebokka, Sri Lanka

Kallebokka 360 viewpoints (height: one,175m) became a trending destination once it absolutely was promoted by a precise TV program. The summit is found right the border of Matale and Kandy districts and shares a similar ridge that forms Hathale min-worlds finish and Hunnasgiriya mountain. The aforementioned ridge extends to the north and joins with the western geological formation of Knuckles.

On a transparent day, guests will observe Central Highlands, Kandy City, Sembuwatte lake and Knuckles Mountains.

A campsitea|site|land site} and 02 estate bungalows are on the market for guests to remain however got to be engaged early. there’s a half-finished Hindu shrine at the middle of the flat summit and a hut created victimisation sticks to fancy the vistas. It’s higher to go to within the mornings to fancy the unobstructed views for mist tend to hide the realm within the afternoons.

Getting to the highest

The road to the highest is unsound and slim. Four-wheel drive vehicles would be ideal however Bikes and 3 wheelers can even build the journey with some effort. Cars aren’t suggested and you’ll be able to rent a tuk-tuk from now for regarding Rs one,000 – 1,500 for the roundtrip.

It’s a simple 1-2 unit of time hike (Elevation gain: ~300m) by foot therefore unless you’re with youngsters or older, it’s an extremely suggested expertise.

Follow on the road regarding 2km and you’ll arrive in a little village wherever Kellebokke higher division estate employees reside. At the doorway, somebody can step up and issue your tickets. Tickets are priced at Rs 100/= per person. it’s time, however, they implement a correct ticketing operation since the present method appearance a small amount shady.

Once at the highest fancy the bird’s-eye views and take a look at to spot the giants close the realm. There’s a close-by peak you’ll be able to hike up in addition for higher views. the highest will be windy, chilly and heavily foggy therefore be ready for such conditions.

By the way, there are not many restaurants on the premises therefore bring your own food. Make sure, however, to not leave any litter behind.