Hanthana Mountain Range (3800 ft.) – Kandy, Sri Lanka

The Hanthana mountain chain in an urban centre is standard among those that wish to go hiking, camping, bird observance and be near to nature in any method. native songwriters, too, have lyricised the scenic beauty and tranquillity of those mountains.

Located 1240 m on top of water level, the Hanthana mountain chain stretches all the method from the urban centre town to the city of Galaha, twenty metric linear units south. The fresh springs on the western finish of Hanthana feed the waters of the Mahaweli watercourse, and also the tributaries of the watercourse separate the individual hills of the vary.

In total, there square measure seven individual peaks, the best being Ura Kanda. The peaks supply spectacular views of the urban centre town, the Knuckles vary, the dosage varies of Aranayake, and also the hills of the Sabaragamuwa region, too, will be noticed from the heights of those hills.

Trekking up the slopes of Hanthana

Aside from stunning scenery and a wide-ranging panorama from its peaks, Hanthana may be a favourite travel spot for several folks as a result of it’s simple to explore. it’s potential to succeed in the foot of the mountain chain via the Peradeniya-Galaha road or the Kandy-Udawela road.

The mountain chain, that is most frequently hidden by mist, is favoured by native university students UN agency are aware of it higher by the name Adara Kanda (mountain of love). Every year, university students from around the country build it a degree to go to this mountain chain.

The Peradeniya University itself is snuggled on the lower slopes of the Hanthana mountain chain, on a 1,080 acre stretch of land.

One of the most effective places to go to whereas trekking through the hills of Hanthana is that the Hanthana viharaya, that dates back to the times of the Kandyan Kingdom. set ten metric linear units aloof from urban centre town, it’s the temple set on the best elevation in the urban centre.

A five hundred acre plantation of pine trees happiness to the Department of life Conservation, and a number of other forest areas near to the Ura Kanda peak, square measure a number of the opposite sights which might be seen on a visit to those hills.

A Nature lover’s paradise

According to Article No. forty-seven of the 1980 National Environmental Act, Hanthana has been named a protected nature reserve. Fishing cats, civets, wild boars, hares, monkeys, leopards, foxes, and hedgehogs square measure a couple of of the animals that have created the hills of Hantana their home. Around one hundred twenty totally different species of birds, too, are found on these hills.

John Davy, a British author UN agency lived in Ceylon within the nineteenth century, mentions in AN Account of the inside of Ceylon, and of Its Inhabitants: With Travels therein Island that Hanthana was a protected forest throughout the age of the Kandyan Kingdom, too.

The folks of urban centre got permission to enter the world solely to gather fuel and cane, that allowed for an oversized variety of animals to measure and wander freely throughout the forest.

Safety first

Because of its quality with youth, the Vice Chancellor’s workplace at the University of Peradeniya has taken measures to supply directions to teams of scholars UN agency wants to go to the vary.

In fact, guests square measure suggested to form their visit throughout a specific timeframe, starting their hike before nine.00 a.m. and falling the hills by three.00 p.m., the rationale being that darkness will fall quickly and while not abundant warning and a number of other incidents of university students losing their method within the dark whereas heading go into reverse are reported within the recent past.

Nevertheless, by paying careful attention to the directions and climb up and go into reverse among the given timeframe, one is absolute to get pleasure from the peace, quiet, and wonder that the hills of Hanthana need to supply.

The next time you visit the urban centre, why not take every day to trek up the hills to examine the fascinating flora and fauna that have created the Hanthana vary their home and after all, and after all, don’t forget to get pleasure from the picturesque read.

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