Hikkaduwa Beach – Sri Lanka

The beach of Hikkaduwa is placed ninety eight kilometer from Colombo towards the south of land. This fun coastal city, fourteen kilometer far from Galle was the primary (1960’s) of Sri Lanka’s stunning beaches to be discovered by tourists. Snorkelling and diving within the clear waters area unit a significant past-time on this stretch and is that the most environmentally friendly thanks to see the colorful fish that dart around. The coral sanctuary found on the coast of Hikkaduwa may be a massive shallow body of water fenced by a reef, adorned with layers of multi colored corals, and is home to unnumerable numbers of vibrantly colored fish. Off the beach there’s a group of tiny islets enclosed by stunning coral formations. several species of fish and enormous turtles area unit found here. There area unit quite four completely different shipwrecks for diving enthusiasts to explore at the side of dive retailers giving PADI courses and instrumentation.

With many terra firma accommodation and a name because the challenger surf spot in land, the rationale why such a large amount of visit Hikkaduwa is blatantly clear. The vacation spot has currently engulfed 2 or 3 villages south of it, and is currently a 4km strip of hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and guesthouses. The beaches area unit beautiful and wide and swimming is safe here, tho’ the currents area unit stronger once it involves the south of Hikkaduwa. The spectacular reef runs simply offshore and continues to be inhabited by exotic fish and ocean turtles. Glass bottomed boats area unit out there for guests desperate to admire the wonders of the deep whereas keeping their feet dry! when a brief distance southward from the centre of the reef, it diminishes and starts a wider sandy bottomed beach with sensible waves ideal for board surfriding and body surfriding.

Surfing in Hikkaduwa

“Hikkaduwa is one in all the simplest surfriding spots in land, giving a transparent heat water base. The wave sizes vary from 4-11 feet. surfriding within the Hikkaduwa region is sort of acknowledge and gets the simplest surf throughout its time of year, that is from Gregorian calendar month to March. There area unit four main surf points in Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary

Hikkaduwa’s overexploited ‘coral sanctuary’ stretches out from the string of ‘Coral’ hotels at the north finish of the strip to a gaggle of rocks a handful of hundred metres offshore. you’ll swim bent the rocks from the Coral Gardens building, wherever the reef runs straight out from the shor

Scuba & Snorkelling

Scuba Diving Sites of land that opened up within the western, southern and japanese coasts of land area unit of such selection, a lot of in Hikkaduwa, the amateur breathing machine different yet because the old breathing machine different experience the opportunities given.

Turtle Hatchery

“On the beach concerning two kms north of Hikkaduwa may be a terribly tiny non-public Turtle research facility, that works to safeguard this species. Turtle eggs hand-picked for hatching & progressive stages of the event of turtles will be seen here.

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