Wilpattu National Park – Sri Lanka

Wilpattu parkland is found 25km north of Puttalam or 30km west of Anurdhapura. The park that lies on the northwest coast spans the border between North Central Province and North Western Province of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. To the south of Wilpattu parkland is watercourse Modergam Aru; to the north is watercourse Kalay oya.

Reaching Wilpattu parkland Colombo-Puttalam A3 route results in town of Puttalama. forty two kilometre on the A12 Puttalama- Anuradhapura route could be a giant sign board that reads Willpattu parkland. 7km on the road that turns to the left at the sign board takes you to the doorway of the park at Hunuwilagama.

History of Wilpattu parkland

Wilpattu was declared a life sanctuary on the year 1905. On twenty fifth Feb 1938, the sanctuary was elevated to the standing of National life Park. On seventh November 1947, the northern space of Wilpattu was declared as Wilpattu North Sanctuary.

Climate and topography at Wilpattu parkland

Wilpattu parkland, the biggest life sanctuary in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka span a neighborhood of no but 131,693 hectares with altitude travel between the lowland and 152 meters.

Wilpattu parkland is located within the dry zone, and is in contrast to the other life sanctuary in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. a singular advanced of over fifty wetlands known as “Villu” is that the most outstanding geography feature of the parkland. ‘Villu’ square measure shallow natural lakes full of fresh water enclosed by open sedgy plains amidst the dense scrub jungle. The presence of those process with AN abundance of water will best be explained within the weather patterns that prevail over the park: whereas the amount of drought is barely throughout the months of might to early Sept, the most time of year is throughout Sept to Dec with the serious downpours of north japanese monsoon; lay monsoon season visits the park March and Apr. Annual temperature within the Park is around twenty seven.2 astronomer and its annual downfall is more or less one thousand millimeter.

The best time to go to Wilpattu parkland is throughout the months of Feb and Oct. Wilpattu parkland encompasses a sensible network of gravel roads, significantly between the water holes.

Vegetation at Wilpattu parkland

Wilpattu parkland consists of 3 styles of vegetation: littoral vegetation as well as salt grass and low scrub right away adjacent to the beach; a 5-10 kilometre coastal belt of monsoon scrub of terribly low stature; and more inland , the jungly forest with tall emergents, like Palu (Manilkara hexandra) and cloth (Chloroxylon swietenia), Milla (Vitex altissima), Weera (Drypetes sepiaria), Ebony (Disopyros ebenum) and Wewarna (Alseodaphne semecapriflolia). Some seventy three of the park is dense forest or scrub and also the rest is a lot of open home ground.

Wildlife at Wilpattu parkland

Wilpattu National Park’s variable natural habitats; coastal belt, natural lakes (villus), rocky outcrops, scrublands, open grasslands and dense forest offer for various species of animals. Among the species square measure thirty one mammals. the largest attracts in Wilpattu square measure Leopards (Panthera pardus kotiya) and Sloth bears (Melursus ursinus). excluding those 2 mammals square measure Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus), noticed ruminant, deer, jackals, sambhur, deer, ruminant Wild Pig, water ox (Bubalus bubalis) and robber Crocodiles.

Butterflies recorded embody the nice Eggfly, Blue Mormon, Common Mormon, Common Rose nice Orange Tip, Glad-eye Bushbrown, Blue Mormon, Common Mormon, Common Rose and Crimson Rose.

Countless species of birds may be found and also the park plays host to various winter migrants from November to March, whereas minacious crocodiles prime the list of reptiles.

Butterflies recorded embody the nice Eggfly, Blue Mormon, Common Mormon, Common Rose nice Orange Tip, Glad-eye Bushbrown, Blue Mormon, Common Mormon, Common Rose and Crimson Rose.

Also roaming on the grasslands square measure Star tortoises (Geochelone elegans) at Wilpattu. within the giant process square measure pool turtle (Melanonchelys trijuga) and also the Soft shelled turtle (Lissemys punctata)

Accommodation at Wilpattu parkland

Wilpattu parkland has no accommodation choices among the park as at the present. The blueprints square measure being drawn to construct seven ramshackle circuit bungalows at the Wilpattu parkland located in Maradanmaduwa, Pannikar Villu, Kalli Villu, Mena Villu, Thala Villu, Manikkapola Uttu and Kokmottai. apart from the cottage at Kokmottai, all alternative bungalows square measure designed high the beautiful process.

Campsites too square measure planned to be demarcated and equipped for the advantage of life lovers.
Though for the nonce Anuradhapura placed 30km aloof from the park provides the regular accommodation choices.

Cultural Heritage at Wilpattu parkland

Wilpattu parkland and its surroundings square measure of history that runs as so much as back to the arrival of blue blood Vijaya in Lanka from East Indies in 543 before Christ. The landing beach of blue blood Vijaya is believed to be the realm these days called Kudriamali. Kali Villu is claimed to be location of the palace of Kuveni, a patrician of a native tribe within the island.

Wirandagoda and Galbendi Niyara placed north-east of Maradanmaduwa at Wilpattu square measure believed to be 2 of the locations wherever blue blood Saliya, United Nations agency lost his right to the crown of Lanka, lived together with his low caste mate known as Asoka zygomatic bone a few of millenniums agone.

At Pomparippu of Wilpattu, many urns containing human remains are found. The urns square measure believed to belong to amount before the recorded history of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, i. e. before the arrival of blue blood Vijaya in Lanka.

In the japanese a part of Wilpattu square measure remnants of broken tanks left over from agricultural systems of ancient Sinhalese civilizations. conjointly between Palangaturai ANd Kollankanatte square measure the remains of an previous harbour.

Jeep Safaris in Wilpattu parkland

Jeep campaign is that the regular norm in exploring the Wilpattu parkland. whereas Leopards, Elephants, Sloth bear, Deer, endemic birds may be seeing simply throughout a 0.5 day campaign, of course, the total day campaign at parkland affords bigger joys with life. throughout the campaign, the tourists aren’t alleged to get off the landrover at the tracks of the wild animals and expose themselves to the attainable encounters within the geographic area. With the rangers at the Wilpattu parkland guiding the life safaris, the guests square measure perpetually safe tho’ within the thick of geographic area.

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