Unawatuna Beach – Sri Lanka

Unawatuna beach could be a picturesque semi circular bay beach that stretches no quite one metric linear unit. because the varied alternative fine beaches within the south western and southern coast line of land, Unawatuna too is fringed by lush groves of coconut trees. but it’s a rare geographical occurrence: on either finish of the bay you’ll be able to see headlands.

And on the elevation to the northwest makes AN exceptionally scenic and rare spectacle; a gleaming white nice globe of a dagoba.

Turtles in Unawatuna

At Unawatuna , with a small amount of luck the tourists could witness turtles parturition eggs on the shore. Diving conjointly affords the chance to relish the sight of those splendid ocean turtles swimming around within the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Twin Reefs at Unawatuna

Protected by a double reef over the bay creates a natural pool that creates the bay safe for swimmers.
From the midway of the stretch the swimmers ar ready to reach the town. The Galapiteala Reef and Napoleon Reef, providing multi level dives brings in opportunities to relish exceptional marine life: Napoleon percoidean, Bat Fish, Golden moray eel Eels and various alternative vibrant species of fish are often found here.

Diving, Snorkeling and surfboarding at Unawatuna

Besides swimming, the Unawatuna beach is additionally known for snorkeling and surfboarding. The wrecks of sunken ships create the Unawatuna beach common among Aqua-Lung different too. a ship ride of twenty to half-hour takes the diving enthusiasts to locations of wreck dives.

The wreck of “Rangoon”- British people steamer sunken a hundred years agone, are often found lying upright with its masts intact. this is often a well-liked diving web site in Unawatuna . among a similar space is that the “Tango” that conjointly attracts several different. the opposite location, a wreck of a ship referred to as “Lord Nelson” is regarding 10 years previous. Diving faculties at Unawatuna ar out there providing services to diving enthusiasts: they assist, equip and guide tourists to have interaction in diving activities
in Unawatuna.

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