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The morning rays penetrated the glass panes on the windows asserting that the morning is here. The rain unbroken percussion on the tin roof throughout the night creating some sleepy-eyed sounds. we tend to were feeling the cold currently and obtaining out of the heat of my bag wasn’t one thing pleasant.

Finally around 7am I managed to interrupt the shackles and stir the snoring Hariya. when a cold wash we tend to barred up and went right down to the Bo Sewana searching for some breakfast. we tend to found simply the place and Sabbatum down for a few hot Wadei, Rolls, Hoppers and Rice-flour created delicacy referred to as Pusnambu. The rain was intense and mist had return while not a call for participation covering the total space. when a hearty meal and sweet cups of occasional, we tend to visited Kiri Mahaththaya’s house prepared for the morning chores. He was shocked to examine U.S. up and regarding thus while not abundant waiting went uphill towards the bottom of the tallest woman in land.

Kolapathana Ella

cold currently and obtaining

Kiri Mahaththaya spoke terribly extremely of this falls locution she was the simplest of the ton and that we had no reason to not believe his word. Let’s wait till we tend to see her for real was my cautious reply. when regarding 500m we tend to came upon the primary barrier of the day. the trail to Kolapathana, noticeably like those in Meemure wherever kine is left alone when the agricultural duties to search out their own food by grazing the contemporary and plush grass, was blocked by the over flowing Belihul Oya.

Golly, we tend to were stuck. Even Kiri found it not possible to cross it and he then junction rectifier U.S. through bean, carrot and raddish fields. Kiri and Hari carrying his rubber slippers most of the time in his hands were barefoot whereas i used to be in my shoes clogging my movements within the soggy earth. when a minute the farmlands disappeared paving the thanks to abandoned paddy fields. when the declaration of a reserve, the farmers had been asked to travel more towards Mandaram Nuwara exploit their former farmlands behind. The mighty Piduruthalagala looked majestic once the mist was kind enough to half. whereas the rain beat U.S. from higher than, the offensive leeches showed no mercy from the below.

Kiri Mahaththaya spoke terribly

We preserved the pace, Hari principally victimization 4-wheel drive, slippery and tripping being lined in mud. we tend to unbroken going uphill and when regarding 2km, we tend to saw the everyday geographic signs of a flatland aka Pathana. Kiri same the deer cervid stray around occasionally however we tend to saw solely the left kine. They looked threatening however shortly as Hariya came to the read, ran for his or her lives. The Piduruthalagala was obtaining nearer to U.S. and per Sumanarathna mama, associate senior farmer we tend to met tending to his kine, the peak at the Kolapathana Ella space is regarding 7500ft. The Piduruthalagala is around 8300ft thus we tend to were as shut as 800ft to the summit however that stretch is on the far side the legal barrier. even supposing there wont to be a pathway resulting in N’Eliya from Mandaram Nuwara via Piduruthalagala, currently it’s not in use as getting into the reserve is prohibited.

We walked near to 3km once out of obscurity came to examine this beautiful twin falls falling amid thick jungle. the $64000 Kolapathana Ella is that the one to the correct, the one to the left could be a seasonal cascade however larger and better. This was one thing I won’t ever forget. the 2 white lines drawn amid the dark inexperienced background with touches of white was a painting which will solely be drawn by the capable hands of the Mother Nature. The mist had lined the falls nearly utterly once we arrived however I started singing “Mist, mist, escape – come back another day” and as if on cue, the rain relieved and therefore the mist upraised sedately over the Piduruthalagala showing her outstanding rocky slope. The measuring device website is found virtually on the center of the summit creating it not possible to examine from here and this angle. Sumanarathna mama too joined U.S. currently and Hariya went right down to the bottom of the falls with him and Kiri whereas I stayed up and took many photos.

We were in an exceedingly world of our own; this is often nothing wanting the supposed heaven. Despite not obtaining any daylight, the encompassing mountains looked their best. They were all reminder inexperienced with some patches of gray wherever the rocky skin was showing. The misty scarves adorned around their necks giving them a a lot of outstanding look. The sky was boring gray with ripe grape-like rain laden clouds drifting with an issue as if had a overabundance meal. the bottom was lush with light-weight inexperienced grass that those kine eaten up. small streams initiating of each crevice creating impish pools all around. this is often a scene straight from the high heaven. simply check up on our documentary from here.

Documentary from Kolapathana Ella

We may even see the Gerandi Ella within the way distance that was like having the ability to examine the each ends of Mandaram Nuwara road. on the far side her was another taller cascade however she was simply a seasonal one. we tend to couldn’t get enough of her however had far more to travel see, thus terribly sadly we tend to bid farewell and headed back. Our next target was a mountain of waterfalls, yea you detected Maine right the primary time, Mountain of Waterfalls, placed regarding 2-3km from Bo Sewana at No. 5 area. That space is simply referred to as No. five and there square measure alternative numbers also.

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