Arugam Bay Beach – Sri Lanka

The Arugam Bay surf beach is found 314 klicks from the capital of Sri Lanka and a pair of ½ klick south of the little city of Pottuvil within the Ampara District that belongs to the Dry Zone on the South-East coast of Ceylon.
Reaching Arugam Bay may be reached from the capital of Sri Lanka via Moneragala whereas the journey is some seven-hour drive on the A4 route.
Arugam Bay Beach CeylonThe Arugam Bay Beach could be a wide sweeping sandy beach before the village of Arugam Bay associated is an attraction for water sport and swimming all-year-around.

Arugam Bay‘s initial international water sports competition was command by the ISA (International water sport Association) within the summer of 2004.
Despite the surprising destruction of the tidal wave on Dec twenty-six, 2004, the ISA came in 2005 to provide the battered native economy of Arugam Bay a lift. The long and consistent paw purpose break at the southern finish of the Arugam Bay beach makes it one in all the best surf spots in Ceylon still as Asia.
The Arugam Bay Beach consists of a reef that is home to associate abundance of tropical fish and could be a pleasant snorkeling paradise.

Things to try to In Arugam Bay

Surfing: Arugam Bay is illustrious for its fantastic waves, which are a magnet for surfers from everywhere the planet. though you’ll be able to surf here all year spherical, the foremost favoured season is from Gregorian calendar month to October with the typical height of waves being one.5 to 2.5 meters. Main surf spots area unit Pottuvil purpose, Main Break and crocodilian Rock.
Dive : you’ll be able to get pleasure from diving and snorkelling around Arugam Bay. If you’re a heavy frogman, you’ll be able to charter a ship and head for the Basses Reefs, that could be a “must see” dive web site in Ceylon.
Wildlife : Catch the rare spectacle of elephants strolling across the A4 through the Lahugala elephant passageway. the most effective time to catch a glimpse of life like these mammoth elephants, wild boar, cervid and crocodiles is before dawn or at sunset.
Bird looking at : Be over-awed by the flocks of birds that migrate to the Arugam Bay space within the months of Gregorian calendar month and Dec.

Explore Arugam Bay

Muhudu Maha Viharaya : set between Arugam Bay and Pottuvil, among the sand dunes of the beach is that the ruins of a Buddhist temple with fairly well preserved stone statues. it’s believed that the temple was engineered wherever blue blood Vihara Maha Devi disembarked.
Magul Maha Viharaya : This boasts of the most effective – preserved feldspar altogether of Asia, with a special feature of the driver sliced on the rear of the associate elephant. The Magul Maha Viharaya, that was created throughout the reign of King Dhatusena, is additionally believed to be the venue wherever the royal wedding of King Kavantissa and blue blood Vihara Maha Devi had taken place. it’s set eight kilometres west of Pottuvil on the A4 route.
Pottuvil purpose : the best place in Pottuvil, popular Surfers ,this is a protracted and deserted beach. Wild elephants will usually be seen round the space.
Crocodile Rock : From a distance the rock appear as if a combine of bathing crocodiles. the realm boasts of a wild setting, with elephants roaming around and eagles sweeping overhead.
Okanda: set around twenty eight Kilometres south of Arugam Bay, the Okanda Kudumbigala Forest dwelling could be a tiny ancient shrine dedicated to the God of Kataragama – Hindu deity.

Where to dine in Arugam Bay

Be it feeding on the beach, simply} enjoying a quiet meal with friends or family the cuisines of Arugam Bay offers just what you’re searching for. A Stroll on the most Street takes you past several Ceylon restaurants serving ancient rice and curry dishes. However, if you’re searching for a western roof of the mouth, many restaurants concentrate on pizzas whereas many hotels provide each japanese and Western culinary art.
The edifice at suspend Loose house offers a range of native and international dishes. The House of homespun dishes and organic food, the lizard edifice offers all day breakfast recent fruit platters, steaks, club sandwiches, burgers, recent pie and homespun frozen dessert. the complete town ne’er fails to impress travellers with recent food dishes.

Where to remain in Arugam Bay

From ground cabanas to tree homes, there area unit many accommodation units that you simply will choose between. Unwind at the Galaxy Lounge, that offers spacious ground cabanas or head over to the Rockview Beachside edifice. The acknowledgement Cabanas consists of cottages, cabanas and tree homes, whereas a good choice of indoor games can keep you busy throughout your keep.
The Danish Villa edifice is good if you’re searching for that executive spot for a non-public crowd. set within the middle of Arugam Bay, meters removed from the white sandy beaches, the natural material and furnishings of the Danish Villa edifice placed against a white background creates a colonial atmosphere . you’ll be able to either rent the total Villa to yourself or rent only 1 or additional rooms.
A combination of Sri Lankan cordial reception and Danish comforts, The romanticism Beach edifice is one more place to relax or gather around with friends and family once a fun-filled day. The edifice offers a fine choice of specialties and dishes from round the world and you’ll be able to conjointly get pleasure from a variety of native drinks with access to an in depth cellar.
Consisting of six wood cabanas the Surf n ocean house, offers a surf college and board repair services whereas surf boards and instrumentality can even be either bought or rented at the house itself. The suspend Loose house could be a typical surfer’sholiday home. instead, pay the night at the Water Music house that could be a rustic vogue house designed giving a unambiguously tropical setting.

Arugam Bay Surroundings

The beach isn’t the sole attraction at Arugam Bay. The village of Arugam Bay brings regarding the loveliest sceneries that span over angiospermous tree, jungle, lagoon, river, rice fields and sand dunes. among such a varied landscape could be a combine of National life Parks that area unit home to mammals together with elephants and conjointly myriads of birdlife. Moreover, the historical and archeologic sites within the space reveal the history of the realm with its stone inscriptions and long ruins.

Arugam Bay water sport season

water sport season in Arugam Bay starts in Gregorian calendar month and ends in October. throughout the season the wind is preponderantly offshore.Average water temperature: twenty eight degreesAverage air temperature: thirty two degrees

Surf spots at Arugam Bay

Arugam purpose, a protracted paw break on the point of Arugam Bay, that has (on a decent day) 2m waves and a 400m ride. Thirty minutes north of Arugam Bay by 3 wheeler taxi, is Pottuvil purpose, that could be a bit smaller than Arugam purpose, breaks off a protracted sandy beach.

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