Yapahuwa Citadel – Sri Lanka

Buddhist monk in yapahuwa rock temple

Midway between Kurunagala & Anuradhapura lies the splendid bastion of Yapahuwa designed around an enormous granite rock rising short virtually 100 meters higher than the encompassing lowlands. Yapahuwa was one among the transitory capitals of medieval Ceylon.
Similar in construct to The Lion Rock bastion (Sigiriya), Yapahuwa may be a Brobdingnagian rock fort set on a awfully pleasant shaded web site. The fort palace were designed sheltering on the side of the drop, protected by 2 ramparts & a fosse. The ramparts kind a rough plane figure, the ends of that be a part of the foot of the high steep-sided rock.

Citadel stair with rock door

The outer fortification consists of Associate in Nursing material embankment regarding twenty feet high a mile long on that a brick wall once stood. A fosse with 3 causeways across it to the 3 gates ran around this embankment.

The inner fortification consists of a fence averaging twelve feet tall five hundred yards long with a fosse outside it & with 2 gates. The homes of the standard folks would are between the outer & inner walls whereas king’s palace, body buildings then Temple of the Tooth were at intervals the inner wall.

The outstanding ruin, the decorative stone way

Yapahuwa Citadel Stair

The site’s outstanding ruin is that the marvelous decorative stone way, that climbs with Maya-like abruptness up to the palace. The way originally comprised of the 3 flights of stone stairs. all-time low one has disappeared & been replaced by fashionable cement stairs. Its prime flight may be a riot of decoration of top quality attainment. Statues of elephants, makara torans (dragon arches), dwarfs, goddesses of surprised stone lions (one seems on the nation’s ten-rupee note) flank the steps, that ar lidded by a finely sliced entranceway & windows. Panels round the base & sides of every window ar embellished with stone carvings of dancers & musicians, one enjoying a Kandyan drum-the oldest pictorial record of Sri Lanka’s most noted device.

Lion Terrace

Citadel door Lion

Finally at the highest of the way is that the spectacular & harmoniously planned entranceway that after crystal rectifier into the Temple of the Tooth. there is little to examine currently except a few of brick foundations pillars. but the read from hereon is wonderful: the flat plains so much below dotted with Brobdingnagian, serrate mountains.

Small deposit

There’s a tiny deposit simply to the proper of the positioning, set in one among a combine of attractive Kandyan-style wood beams separated by a quaint tower. Exhibits embrace some fine stone windows from the highest of the way, elaborately reticular in quasi-Arabian vogue. one among the window frames is currently exhibited within the Colombo deposit

Cave Temple

Yapahuwa Citadel old Photo

Behind the deposit may be a fascinating cave temple (restored in 1886) that contains some thirteenth century frescoes. The reposition of pictures across a geometrical grid additionally seems in ancient Buddhist sites in Asian country, like Ajanta, upcountry from metropolis, & Alchi in Ladakh. additionally within the temple ar wood Buddha pictures &, curiously, one image fabricated from bronze

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